Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Protecting Trees During Construction

There is always this tree near your home attached to which you have lots of your memories. It has been there as long as you remember. During constructions trees are damaged in many ways and since they cannot cry out their agony, they eventually die out due the damage. Therefore everyone must take some safety measures that you need to take to safe guard the trees during constructions.

First and foremost is to recognize the area covered by the tree over the ground by the trunk and the branches and below the ground by the roots. Then avoid using any construction equipments or digging the ground around those areas.

If the construction involves digging you must know the damage possible and the extent to which it may affect the tree. Roots of trees are found usually 6 to 12 inches from the ground and extend far from the tree mostly one to two times the height of the tree. If the roots are cut further from the tree then less harm is done to main body. The damage increases as close as it get to the tree. Since roots give support to the tree and hold it steady on the ground, cutting roots the wrong way results in the tree falling over.

Apart from the roots another important factor is soil. Continuous construction around the tree or digging can loosen the soil and sometimes even contaminate them. It is dangerous for the tree if the soil around it loosens because then the soil would not be fit to bear the weight of the tree and the tree ends up falling over. On the other hand due to the use of heavy machineries or use of cement the pores of the soil close leaving no space for the roots to breath. Uses of chemicals also contaminate the soil and are also absorbed by the tree.

There are many technicalities or steps that should not be ignored in order to protect a tree during construction. Therefore it is best to hire a professional arborist who would help in laying out safety measures according to the plans of your construction and prevent unnecessary damage to your tree. Make sure not only to hire a professional arborist but also a refined builder who does the needful to protect the trees around the area.

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