Monday, October 28, 2013

Common Tree Diseases And APT Treatment for The Diseases

Like humans, trees also get prone to several kinds of trees. There are numerous types of diseases which can pessimistically impact trees. There are several reasons and prospects for the trees to get influenced with diseases that can even cause tree’s death. Conversely, there are treatments available, as well, for the disease struck trees once owner identifies the disease at the early stage itself. A number of diseases are specific to some precise species of trees. Here’s a list of some common tree diseases –
  • Anthracnose
  • Apple Scab
  • Black Knot
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Iron Chlorosis
  • Sudden Oak Death
  • Rhizosphaera Needlecast
  • Phytophthora
  • Tar Spot of Maple
  • Root decay
  • Verticillium Wilt
These are some of the most common tree diseases and further from these; Anthracnose and Root Decay are most likely to strike. The most common causes for these diseases is development of Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, Oomycetes, Protozoa, Nematodes, Viroids and many such more virus like organisms on trees. But, however, disease control on trees can be accomplished successfully by more than a single method.

The apt treatment method precisely depends upon the kind of disease that has struck the tree and the extend up to which the tree has got affected. The most common solution is usage of Fungicides. These may be injected or sprayed into the roots or soil or even trunk of tree. Along with practice of chemicals, tree pruning from time to time, fertilization and practice of other some methods can help treat the tree diseases.

Even though you are intended for an attempt to control your tree’s disease, still you should prefer consulting a professional arborist. The simple reason is that a professional arborist can recognize the disease easily and further advise you with treatments that are able to control disease at the right time without any further harm to tree. An arborist will further provide you with advice and proper timely measures like tree fertilization, tree pruning, or even altering the tree watering habits to avoid and lower down the chances of tree diseases in future. Sometimes, it's our tree care methodologies which make a tree prone to few diseases. Thus, if you take help from a professional arborist, he/ she will also suggest you the right ways to take care of your trees which in long term do not harm but benefit the tree and its growth.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Why is it Necessary to Remove Tree Stumps?

The fully grown trees and shrubs can add to the beauty of the landscape and the garden. However, at the same time, the tree stump can cause some disadvantages. It becomes essential to remove the tree stumps when it does not show any symptoms to grow again. Such tree stumps merely occupy the area and will also affect the beauty of the green landscape. Having the dead trees in your garden will spoil the environment. This emphasizes the need to remove the tree stumps.

There are however a certain factors to be considered, when you are not clear about if to remove the tree stump or to have it.  If the tree stumps are not looking pretty and they are occupying the space unnecessarily, then it becomes essential to remove the stump.  Such sight may not be appealing, if you are very particular about the beauty and appearance of your landscape and yard. When you realize that the tree stumps may be hazardous, then you can consider removing the stumps with no doubts. Such stumps may become dangerous to your kids playing in the landscape. Moreover, the tree stumps may also damage the mower when hit accidentally while you mow the lawn.

Besides these factors, such stumps may also affect the growth of new trees in the surrounding area. Though, sometimes,  leaving the tree stump as such would contribute to the growth of new sprouts that may grow as small trees in the surrounding region, however this may not be possible in case of a dead stump. Therefore you must be capable of identifying the live and dead stump before removing it. The stumps may also appear to cause pain to the maneuver and become a nuisance. It brings the obstacles while you are mowing and weeding the lawn.

Besides these considerable factors, there is also an other important factor to be considered for why the stumps must be removed. These stumps have the tendency to attract poisonous insects when they are left in the lawn. While the roots of the dead stump tree is decaying, it will attract termites, beetles, ants and many other pests that will affect the clean and safe environment in your lawn. Such insects if left unbothered, they may spread inside your home over the time. In addition to all these reasons, you will lose the precious yard space that can beautify your lawn when planted with new tree or shrubs.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How Tree Stumps Can Enhance Agricultural Productivity

The integration of the trees in the farmland has given many benefits to the agricultural fields. The tree stumps bring the wisdom of shooting up excellent growth of the crops planted. It appeared to be a logical statement, to remove the bushes and clear the field before planting the crops. However, it has been found by Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, that the soil is experiencing to get significant improvement in its quality and in yielding more crops than usual with the with the advantage of tree stumps and additional resources given to the crops. The farmers have also started getting more income from the products made from trees.

FMNR, in order to make a huge crop yield, have taken the advantage of the underground root systems that are live and from the previously cleared trees in the field. The farmers also nurture about five strongest stems and prune the rest away. These nurture stems are allowed to grow, however over the time, some are harvested for timber and firewood purposes. The presence of trees in the agricultural field will help in holding nitrogen in the soil. This will also lessen the chances of wind erosion; therefore the seeds will not be blown away. Besides, the leaves that are falling and scattered around the field will also enrich the agricultural soil with nutrients. With the practice of utilizing the tree stumps process in the agricultural land, the yield is proven to have increased tremendously.

Besides these benefits, there are also other advantages in the tree stumps in agricultural productivity. The trees in the landscape will help in increasing the infiltration rate; thereby the water level in the local table rises up. In some landscapes, by mixing the field crops and trees has proven to give more scope to the farmers. This is because, the shed of leaves before the plantation season, will enrich the soil and make it become productive.  If you are capable of managing the density and the canopy in the right manner, then you can experience dramatic benefits from this method. This will also help in improving the crop production and household income.

This method of tree management was being practiced for centuries, however with the interference of FMNR which was established in 1980s, the effort taken has proven to become fruitful, which is now popularly used by many farmers around the world.  Farmers are now being motivated to follow this method to increase the agricultural productivity. 

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