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The fact that you didn’t have time or money to get out of town to receive the new year doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy and have  a great time at home with your family and friends. There are a lot of activities you can do and enjoy with everyone at home, for kids  and grown ups.

New year is the time when the streets are crowded and party places are filled up to full capacities. One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of a fresh and new year is to stay at home and away from the madding crowd and throw a nice family party at home.

Get you Phone Book Ready!!!


Call your family and friends to join the celebration at your home, it is sure going to be a lot of fun to invite your family, friends, and a few special neighbors to celebrate the New Years Eve at home. The eve will come more special when the people you love will enjoy and fill your house with their presence at your New Year home party. Make sure you invite only people that will bring fun, cheerful moments and happiness to the last memories of the year.

Get ready to Cook an Amazing Meal!!!


This is the night you can become creative to cook all the food that you and your family don’t eat very often. By cooking in your house you will also save a lot of money. you can cook by yourself if you have only called few friends and if you are planing on having a small gathering at home for the New Year celebrations. 

Look for popular New Year’s recipes that will not take much time to prepare yet they can create a lasting impression on your guest. Include in your small menu, appetizers, delicious entrees, main course and desserts and you will have the best New Year’s Eve Night you could ever imagine in the comforts of your home.

Decorate your House with a Festive Flavor!!!


Make sure you adorn your house with the best decorative items and light it up to give that New Year’s Eve sparkling look. Decorate your home brightly to match up to the celebratory mood of this last festive season of the year, suing confetti’s, streaming light bulbs and many other fancy decorative stuff that will definitely brighten up the decor of your home. Create a warm welcoming ambiance home to let your guest enjoy the New Year’s Eve and feel like if they are at their own house.

Add all the Elements You Can to have a Rocking Party!!!


Make your New Year’s Eve party more entertaining and exciting with interesting games. Add game and activities where all the guests can participate to give them a good time at your house party. If you are not throwing a big party you can still create nice activities and games to spend with your family members and remembering the good experiences that the years has brought to their life.

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