Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Things to Do During Christmas Eve to Enjoy with your Family!!!!


During this Christmas holiday being with the family is the most important thing to do and the best thing you can do is to create a list of fun things to do during Christmas eve and Christmas day. You know your family and based on what they like you can plan activities for the kids and for grown up.


You can bake some cookies with your kids and let the kids decorate them using their Christmas imagination.

Gingerbread Houses!!!

Gingerbread houses are a great idea and you can make them using crackers or with the traditional gingerbread and the great part is that they are easy to build and are perfect to make with your kids in Christmas.

Christmas Stocking!!!

Christmas stockings are another great idea to create during this days and they bring a cheer holiday. You can let each member of the family create their own and put their own style.

Family Games!!!

Family games, there are a lot of activities and games that you can plan for your family during christmas eve.

Holiday Food!!!

Holiday food traditions, make traditional dishes for your holiday meals and it will be fun if you include dishes from different cultures, and you can also ask for recipes from relatives to keep your family traditions alive.

Christmas Cards!!!

Create you own christmas cards and send them to each one of the person in your Christmas list to show a little love and appreciation. And you can also send a card to the neighbors on block.

Candless and Scents!!!

Use candles and scents, you can make your home smell like christmas to add the festive mood by using scented candles or toss a handful of nice smelling spices onto the fire to bring out a holiday scent.

Movies & DVD nights!!!

A festive movie night will be another great idea to do with the family. Gather the family and snuggle up in front of a DVD and watch Christmas movies, while enjoying some hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn's.

It doesn't really matter what activities you end up doing, what matter at the end of the day is the quality time you get to spend with you family.


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