Monday, October 4, 2021

The Great Jack LaLanne Blaze - A Halloween Mystery


The Great Jack LaLanne Blaze - A Halloween Mystery Piece

The Great Jack Olantern Blaze is a Halloween tale that will surely thrill any fan of scary stories! The story is based on the work of writer George A. Wolf. It is also referred to as "The Great Pumpkin", since Jack O'Lantern was a legendary character that lived in New England during the 1800s. The tale begins with the events of Halloween in October, when a young woman named Jane Luckstone travels down the street to get some candy.

Shortly before she gets there, she witnesses two men doing a bizarre and atrocious act. They strip a young man naked and then set fire to his house. The smoke sears through the entire neighborhood and no one is able to get out. Injured by smoke, Jane Luckstone manages to call the fire department and they arrive just in time to save the man.

But before they can leave, the fire has already destroyed most of the houses in the neighborhood. Now, it's up to Jack, a traveling magician, to save the few that are left. So far, he has no idea what has happened to the man's house, or how to go about the crisis. He has no other choice but to follow the path of the fire.

This is where the story begins. The Great Jack and the Little Pumpkin, two local Halloween characters, are walking along the road when they encounter a strange, pale creature. The creature suddenly throws Jack into the air and sends him tumbling to the ground. As the terrified old man runs for help, a skeletal hand appears and grabs him.

Before anyone can blink, Jack has already drawn a deep cut on his throat. Then, slowly and creepily, he removes his shirt and reveals a knife lodged in his skull! Before the eyes of anyone, the knife slices through the roof of Jack's mouth! A scream rouses the rest of the neighborhood, but nobody is able to save Jack before he takes another swing at the skull.

It is here, as in many of Lalanne's tales, that the magic of storytelling takes over. The audience is no longer concerned with whether or nothe plot happens to be believable. They are no longer worried about being able to understand what is happening, or if the actions of the characters make any sense. They simply want to enjoy the ride, because Jack is a great storyteller learn more about trees 

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